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cCris Ryt
Drums, keyboard and vocals

| EO |

lead vocals, violin

Raised in a strict Christian household, EO's adoptive parents encouraged his musical abilities from a very early age. He took up the violin at age four, and had played Carnegie Hall before he finished high school. While somewhat modest off stage, his stage presence and energetic antics while playing earn him big applause from audiences, and have been known to cause outbreaks of swooning among women in the crowd. And while critics laud his vocal performances, Eric claims he'd love to shut up and just play violin. Having toured extensively with Chris as part of The Tripping Billies, EO was brought out to Colorado from New York to complete the Meniskus trio in 2005. 

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Strange-but-True: Scored nearly perfect on his SATs.

Turnons: Bleu cheese, rear-entry ski boots, TGI Fridays.

Turnoffs: Ranch dressing, ESPN, dentistry.

Quote: “Please don't call it a fiddle.”

Influences: U2, DMB, Phish, Rush


Guitar and percussion
meniskus - rock nouveau